EV Charging & Installation

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Close-up solar panels on the gable roof suburban house blue sky. Photovoltaic solar collector for renewable clean green energy, East of Louisiana, USA. Sustainable, efficient concept. Panorama style

Solar Panel Installation & Repair

EV electric car pluged charging at a recharge station in the city

EV Charging

Corner of a pitched, red tiled roof with solar panels attached

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EV Charging

Want to make charging your electric vehicle as convenient as possible? KON Solar offers complete EV charging installation services for all major brands across both commercial and domestic properties. You can kiss the costs and inconvenience of filling stations goodbye with our no hassle EV charging stations. Get in touch today to find out more.

Progressive concept of EV car and home charging station powered by sustainable and clean energy with zero CO2 emission for green environmental. Charging point at residential area for electric vehicle.

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